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Sales Boosting Feature – Easy To Install Search Bar

This search bar can be installed on any post or page

Customize the look and feel with a few clicks of your mouse

Searches across the top 5 marketplaces for products

...And of course, No API required

Why This Is So Powerful

Let’s say you’ve got a mobile phone review blog…

On one of the pages you’ve reviewed a Samsung Galaxy S9 and the user likes it, but they ultimately want to get the newest Samsung Galaxy S10…

Instead of losing the potential commission, with AffiEmbed Pro, you’ll have the opportunity to add a search bar to any post or page so your visitors can search for any product they don’t see. 

This keeps them on your page and gives you a better chance to make more commissions

… And of course your affiliate deeplink get cookied to the searched products also

Powerful Traffic Generation Built-in  Autoblogging Tool

Get access to usable articles from our growing database of over 50,000 articles

Use royalty free images from 3 built-in sources…

Get your hands on engagement driving YouTube videos with our built-in YouTube keyword search features

You can use any of this content and have the autoblogger publish it for you on autopilot

If you want to create completely unique content (which Google loves the most), you can use the built-in spinner to intelligently spin articles right inside the app

Schedule and publish your newly spun articles to post to your blog in any interval you choose…

Quickly optimize subject lines, headlines, meta data, image data, and more with a few clicks of your mouse

Once you get this setup, you’ll have a powerful auto-publishing blog that gets you top rankings and traffic on autopilot

Why You Need This

One of the best ways to skyrocket your blog or website to the top of the search engines is to produce content on a regular basis.

Google loves to see fresh content posted regularly, unfortunately it can be hard to stick to creating fresh content on a regular basis.

When you upgrade to ‘PRO’ and use this autoblogging tool, you’ll never have to worry about creating content and publishing it… because once you set this up, it’s 100% done for you on autopilot!

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WARNING! This is a ONE-TIME Offer 

If you close this page and try to come back later to get this, you run the risk of paying a lot more or completely miss out on this money-making upgrade

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WARNING! This is a ONE-TIME Offer 

If you close this page and try to come back later to get this, you run the risk of paying a lot more or completely miss out on this money-making upgrade